Welcome to Hawk Class 2019

Hello and welcome to Hawk Class Blog 2019.

Our class blog will be updated throughout the year with our latest learning so you can keep up to date with our achievements and celebrate with us the progress we are making.

We look forward to seeing you back here soon. ~ Miss Ashby

Painting, baking and times tables

Freddie has been having lots of fun painting and baking with his siblings.

Roxy has worked so hard at her times tables. She can now answer 65 questions correctly with a mix of tables up to 12×12, averaging just 3.03 seconds for each question. That is a fantastic achievement Roxy – well done! I’m really proud of you.

Vikings and Birthdays

Noah had a great birthday despite missing friends and grandparents. He requested a Squirtle cake so his mum ended up with blue hands trying to dye the icing! I’m sure you’ll agree that cake looks brilliant. Noah also has a new kitten – Iris. Noah has been brilliant at helping her settle in to her new family. She looks gorgeous.

Phea has continued her investigations into Vikings with this amazing poster. It looks like she has even mastered writing in ancient runes!

Plenty of prepositions

Wow! Look at these pieces of work from Joe, Luca and Tia. They have worked seriously hard to include as many prepositions and apostrophes for possession as they could.

Here’s Joe’s work:

Here’s Luca’s:

And here’s Tia’s:

Alien homes and prepositions

Here is an amazing picture of Summer’s alien house which is under a volcano. It comes with a dance floor and DJ deck that can only be used when the volcano erupts. I love the idea of a multi-coloured dance floor.

Tia wanted to give herself a challenge on Wednesday by doing mild, spicy and hot on the writing task – wow! Lovely to see such enthusiasm Tia.

Scones, aliens, dragonflies and bumblebees

Sacha has made some scones following his instructions. They look absolutely delicious (or should I say delectable!). It looks like he has used real strawberries in addition to jam and cream. What a brilliant idea! Sacha assures me they were very yummy.

Tia has continued to enjoy her writing on aliens. Here is her apostrophes work – she’s put them in the correct place in every single sentence – well done Tia! Tia has also made a beautiful dragonfly and bumblebee.

VE day celebrations and Bubble Painting instructions

Marley and her sister enjoyed VE day celebrations. They decorated their house and made a tea party with a cake they decorated. The did reading comprehensions on the first VE day and Marley did a maths sheet about rationing.

Luca has written some brilliant instructions for how to do Bubble Painting. I think you could make some lovely home-made wrapping paper with this.

He’s also been busy with his prepositions work and instructions for how to greet an alien.

VE day tea party

On Thursday, Summer was busy baking cakes and colouring in bunting. She made Lemon Drizzle cake, sponge cake and meringues. On Friday, she celebrated VE day by having a tea party in the garden with lemonade.