Welcome to Hawk Class 2020

A very warm welcome to our new children, parents and carers in Hawk Class.

It’s been a very strange 2020 so far, but we hope that our class blog will help you to feel connected to our latest learning so you can keep up to date with our achievements and celebrate with us the progress we are making.

Please find a copy of our class letter for the start of term below:

We look forward to seeing you back here soon. ~ Miss Ashby

Spring term photos

Apologies for such a delay in posting on our blog. Here are some of the fun activities we have been involved in over the past few months.

In March, we investigated friction using ramps and toy cars.

We enjoyed making Easter cards.

For our topic this term we have been doing some fieldwork. We went on a walk around the local area and then drew this on a map. I wonder if you recognise some of the places we walked by.

We have really enjoyed time before school with Mr Joy this term. He has been playing all sorts of fun games with us.

Today, we have been painting petals to make model flowers in our science topic ‘plants’. It has been really good fun watching our bean seeds grow. We now have a planter outside the classroom with some seeds growing alongside our bean plants.

Deliciously disgusting digestion

This week we have been learning about the digestive system. Today, we had fun with a disgusting demonstration to show how our digestive systems work.

Firstly, we pretended we were teeth which break up food (banana and bread) into smaller pieces.

Next, we added saliva (water) to add some lubrication so that the food could travel down our oesophagus.

After that, we added stomach acid (orange juice) and mixed the whole disgusting mess together in our stomach (bowl).

Finally, we attempted to squeeze the food along our intestines (tights) and out the other end!

Some of us are very sorry that we got some banana poo on our clothes but we did have a wonderful time! ~Miss Ashby

Autumn term PE

Do have a look below at our photos from this term’s PE lessons. Inside, we have been learning gymnastics and outside we have been doing athletics, with a mixture of running, throwing and jumping. We have been timing ourselves sprinting and measuring how far we can jump. There are certainly a few kangaroos and frogs among us! ~Miss Ashby

Stories, pixel art and Lego

Amelie has shared her reflections on home learning. I’m glad that you enjoyed your birthday Amelie. We all miss you very much too! I can’t wait to have everyone in my class back in September. I’m really looking forward to seeing you all again 🙂

Roxy has been incredibly busy – I have no idea how you managed to fit all of this in Roxy! Here’s her pixel art, Lego creation and latest story:

Fun and games

One from last week that I missed – Summer went fishing with her dad and caught 6 fish – here’s her with one of the fish. It’s huge!

Freddie has been busy recently making gingerbread men, going on walks and playing cricket with his cousins. 

Luca has been writing lots of sentences about his new game characters using a range of word classes. I’m loving the use of conjunctions to add more information. Well done Luca!

Creative class

Sacha has written a brilliant description of his dragon Icy. He has used some great conjunctions to extend his sentences and some ambitious vocabulary (colossus, species, fragile). I love all the effort he has put into making the font look icy. Icy reminds me a little bit of Toothless but I think he looks much more scary!

Tia has been busy this week drawing and colouring her pandacorn and picking radishes in her granddad’s garden.

Automatic drawing and games reviews

Theo has had a lot of fun this week creating his amazing automatic drawing. I love how a simple lines and well chosen blocks of colour on a white background can create such an effective piece of art. It looks amazing (and really professional) in its frame. He has also written a mini review about Roblox. Keep up the great work Theo!

Luca has typed up his review of Minecraft on the computer. It’s beautifully presented – I think it’s great to have included some pictures of the game. I also like that Luca has included lots of subheadings because it makes it easy for parents to find the information they are interested in. Well done Luca!

Inverted commas for quotes

Tia has been turning her quotes into direct speech. I like the colour coding she has used to ensure she included all the inverted commas. Great work Tia!

Luca has completed his work on the computer over the last 2 days. He’s been turning quotes into direct speech with inverted commas. I love that Luca has included all his punctuation (there’s a lot to remember) and that he has used lots of different reporting clauses, which have been used at the start and the end of the direct speech. It makes it much more interesting to read. Great job Luca!


What’s your favourite video game?


My favourite video game is Mario Bros.




Because it is fun and challenging.


What do you not like about Mario Bros?


I don’t like the worlds where you have to swim.


When do you play?


I used to play when I was 15 in the summer holidays.


Would you like to play again?


Yes but the original game.

I interviewed my mum,” What’s your favourite video game?”

My mum answered,” My favourite video game is Mario Bros.”

I questioned, ”Why?”

She replied, “Because it is fun and challenging.”

Then I asked, “What do you not like about Mario Bros?”

She said, ”I don’t like the worlds where you have to swim.”

Then I wanted to know ,” When do you play?”

And she told me, “I used to play when I was 15 in the summer holidays.”

“Would you like to play again?” I wanted to know.

“Yes, but the original game.” she answered.

Game reviews and BLM

Luca’s written a review for ‘Danger Mouse’. I like that he has clearly separated his writing into paragraphs, using question marks for each of the subheadings, he has used a range of conjunctions (or, and, because) and he has included a fronted adverbial (with a comma!). Great work Luca!

Tia has enjoyed typing up her game review on the computer. I like that she too has used subheadings and paragraphs. She seems to have written an awful lot too! Well done Tia!

Marley has created this poster in response to listening to the Black Lives Matter video.